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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raspberry Ridge, The Cards

I also made some cards while up north. I wanted to get some designed ready for workshops here at home. I am not sure what all I can do for workshops, but I think this is a good start.

This one is dry embossed on top, with an incked up plate, and versa marked on the bottom, had to keep it in the baggie because I inked up the white ribbon lol, and it smeared all over!! But now with my Ribbon Club, I will have some colored ribbon to use lol.
 This is a heat embossed image, and cut out, popped up and layered. 
This is dry embossed with inked up plate, and I used watercolors on it.

This is the LAST card I made at Raspberry! I dry embossed the background..

 This is a thank you card I made for our son to use for his Birthday gifts.

 This is the FIRST Card I did at Raspberry! I think it's great to use for a child's birthday invite, or a BBQ invite or pretty much anything!! Love the lime, could put a margarita glass inside if it were an invite for an adult party!

Thanks for looking! I had a blast, and have more to post! Hubby is coming home for one night, so it's time for me to cook dinner! I will get the cards from last weekend up SOON!

Raspberry Ridge

I was invited to join a group of stamp/scrappers that travel to a place called Raspberry Ridge. It ended up being such a fantastic experience that I'm looking forward already to next year!! 
I was nervous, but excited to have all these uninterrupted days of scrapping and stamping.  I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish, and I brought EVERYTHING I had. It worked out great though, cuz I used EVERYTHING I brought! Super happy with that, I wanted for nothing. 
The food was amazing, seemed like every pair of us tried to out do the other with fabulous meals!! The best part of the whole 4 days...was that I was responsible for only ONE MEAL! I felt like a queen all weekend cuz All I had to do was go upstairs and enjoy!!
I am already excited for next year!

Here are some pretty things I got done. I did both stamping and scrapping, and I used my Cricut/Gypsy a lot. 

I am going to start with some 12x12 scrap pages that I did.
This is called Mosaic, I took many pictures, and cut them into 1x1 inch squares, and placed them to make them flow together! I love that picture of Hubby! We had such a blast in Cabo!!

These are some random shots from Cabo. I cannot remember if I posted the other pages I did from this trip or not. Someone please remind me! They were cute lol. 

 This is a layout I did for Hubby's Book. He and his friend went 'Squirrel Hunting' one day lol.
YES! Bacardi WAS involved! 
I used my Cricut and Gypsy for this, did the letters, squirrels and grass all in ONE CUT!

 This is a special page. I did this one in memory of our first baby, Hallway. He was our first pet, our first ANYTHING that we had together. He stayed with us for 15 years. He weighed 30 lbs when we had to put him down, and he was the best cat we ever had.
On his page, I included a cut out technique I learned from Karen M on our weekend! I love this way of adding more pictures to your pages! You do have to keep the page sleeve on, as it's glued right in the corners, but you can also put more onto the flip ups!

I started doing some pages for Our Son's 8 1/2x11 inch Book. That's all he wanted, and I found this little series of pictures to throw onto a page! We took a plane ride from the 
Isle Airport way back when...

Here is more Cricut work, and I did the texturizing on the background with Versa Mark. I love that stuff, can use it for ANYTHING! 
This is a trip Our Son took with my mom a few years before she passed away. 
I did not journal in these pages of his, I want his words in there not mine. So they look a bit plane as of yet! 
The red pages, are when he surprised me at the airport after his trip! I love the last shot of me hugging my mom and our son hugging hubby! I know they are blurry but I love them.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Binders

HELLO!! Thank you for stopping by! 

I use binders a lot. The three ring type binder thingies? I have one for my basic day to day journal, and now one for my Krafts, a couple of others, but I wanted to show you these two to start! 

I was playing with Gypsy and Cricut today and really made some fun pretties for the front of these binders! Super excited that I'm feeling more comfortable with these gadgets, as I've been asked to put on some workshops and I believe these will help me a lot with those. 
Here is what I did in just an hour or two!
Here is my Krafty Katie Binder!
This keeps binder my mind in check lol

Thank you for looking!! Have to get on a couple of fun workshops to offer here in the Diva Den! Any suggestions....please let me know!! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My FIRST REAL Cricut/Gypsy Project!! So excited!

  My layout on my Gypsy

Project Book, and paper all laid out on the mat

Loaded up the Cricut...the RIGHT way lol

Resized my images to bigger on the Gypsy, and recut, with the Early Espresso CS as the shadow color instead of the Smooth Suede in my first cutting.

All assembled!

Miss Madalynn will love this little card, it's SWEET Just like HER!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have many friends. I have a distinct relationship with each of them. Not one friendship is the same. I think I can be a lot of things to a lot of people. Each friend of mine really has a special place in me. I hope they all know how important they are. 
Today I was with one of these friends of mine :). This friend, I swear when we get together, it's like she reads my mind. We have come to many of the same conclusions, realizations, and rationalizations. It's quite a session when we get together! I feel lighter, happier, and ready to take on the things I need to. I'm not talking about everyday things either. Deeper things, meaningful things, and things that only will improve my *our* well being. 
This is a dear friend that I root for, hopefully challenge, laugh so hard I gotta pee with, and get so much from! I hope she knows this. 
We may not talk each day, or hang out for very long, but boy our time together means the world to me! Love lil MILF hheheheheee......oh hey.......HOW MANY!??

Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Things I did today

    Simply Adorned, All Stampin' UP! Products Used

Simply Adorned, Valentine's Rub Offs

My Set Up for the Mega In Home Party Last Saturday.

Sunday Cooking Day!

Hubby usually leaves early Monday mornings, but he had a band get together, and left around 2:30 yesterday instead :( Which also meant....I had to GET COOKIN!
I am a major foodie. I LOVE FOOD, I love feeding people, I love the way food looks, I love how it tastes, I love the way people enjoy what I make. Every aspect. 
This is how I started my day.
Got the bacon baking in the toaster oven, tore up bread for a french toast bake, cleaned and cut strawberries, tossed in blueberries, and when it was time to serve that I cut up banana into each of our lil cups..of course topped with Redi-Whip *my boyz love this* warmed the syrup, and melted some butter. Topped the bake with powdered sugar. Our son said DANG This is like IHop! 

While we were enjoying our breakfast, I started boiling water for my home made mac n cheese, and got the grill pan ready for some pork chops. While all of that was cooking I washed up the dishes and pans from breakfast.  In two containers, I put green beans, a pork chop, and mac n cheese TADAAA!

I had done a beef roast in the crock on Saturday, to shred up for sandwiches and another meal for hubby. So I made mashed potatoes, and gravy with the juices from the crock. SO GOOD! Shredded up a bunch for our son to make beef n provalone sammies! He loves that. So two more containers for hubby had; beef, tatos, gravy, and corn. 

THEN! I made goulash! Noodles, ground beef, tomato sauce, basil thyme, sugar, onion celery. Two containers of that topped with shredded mozzarella and Parmesan. Did up some garlic bread for him too. I did have 3 small glad bowls of fruit for him, it was so good!

I swear I will not have to cook at all this week for me or our son! I've a bunch of veggies to chop up for snacks is all. 

The best part is I cleaned as I went through all of this. The kitchen was SPOTLESS and hubby was packed for the week all by 11:30!! 

My skills have really kicked in! I was very organized, and ready to tackle all of this cooking. So very happy knowing my hubby has yummies for his belly and it's healthy. 

hey guess what! I DON'T HAFTA COOK TODAY!!! Hheheheheheeee